I have to say these are the best gluten free cookies I have ever tasted. They are amazing!


Had a bad day at work.  All better now.   Please forward to the chef with my compliments!


I just wanted to compliment you on your gluten-free salted chocolate chip cookies. I had them at my niece’s house in Middletown, brought two bags home to VA, took them to a party last night, and now I’ve asked my sister to bring down seven bags for my friends and me.

All of the people at the party who claimed they were chocolate chip cookie experts initially said they would not like a gluten-free cookie, but after eating one or two, they asked me to order some for them.

Congratulations on an outstanding product!

-Joanne C

The cookies were a huge hit!  Honestly, people were fighting over the last brown butter toffee.  Sooo good:)  Thank you.


My family has been gluten free for 8 years and I am an avid baker and have adapted many recipes. I was running out of time baking for Christmas and took a shot on your gf sea salt caramel cookies. My family devoured them. They didn’t make it to Christmas. Thanks for making a quality gf product.


The cookies are the BEST! So so yummy, made a few last night to eat for dessert! Love love them!


Your cookies were THE biggest hit!!  My husband’s family is not desert eaters & they were raving!!!


My husband & I are in love with your chocolate chip toffee cookies.


I’m in LOVE with your cookies!  Please don’t take this lightly.  They are amazing.  It’s like they have this crisp, almost toffee-like crunch and then the soft yummy center that doesn’t scream “bittersweet chips” at you.  I would NEVER rave about a cookie unless I honestly enjoyed every bite of it.  I take my sweets very seriously and you have hit it out of the park on this one!!


Hi Claire! Best cookies ever! We grabbed a few bags of the salted choc chip from Citarellas before heading up to Vermont for a ski trip. A huge hit among all! Thank you thank you!


Baked up Sweet Bee cookies this weekend.  Best cookies ever!!!!!


I LOVE your cookies!  Trust me, we don’t do a lot of cookies around here anymore and when we do I am VERY particular about them.  My first choice is to make them myself, but when I don’t have time, these are the next best thing – or possibly an even better thing because they are delicious and do not mess up my kitchen!